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The storage box was packed in a shipping container with sufficient padding to survive the slow boat from China parcel post route. The top mounted power and multi-function switches are larger see attached photo and feel more substantial than the NanoVNA-H. A couple of members have reported that the case opening for the usb port was mis-aligned and they had to shave away a part of the opening in order to insert the usb cable properly. My unit did not have that problem, as was also the case for a few other members that reported receiving their units.

Hopefully this is not a wide scale manufacturing problem. Even with the larger size screen, a stylus is still preferable to using your finger for navigation. Due to this no screen captures are attached. The off-line operating life should be all day. The battery voltage indicator option is installed. The larger battery and a new power chip decrease noise that was limiting measurement range during usb connection.

The larger display and faster processor will eat some portion of the increased battery capacity. There is no DFU menu option. From there updating is the same as in the past. The 0. The lower bound frequency is limited by the IF frequency. It needs twice or more of IF frequency. The other limitation is the mixer coupling capacitor. The high frequency limit is locked in the firmware to 1.

A separate charge pump to power the mixer and tantalum capacitors were added to reduce the power supply noise. Even with the almost 3x the SRAM and 2x the flash memory it looks like the scan point limitation is going to stay imposed to maintain backwards software compatibility, bummer.

The attached noise floor measurements were made with CH1 of both devices terminated with a 50 ohm load. The test ranges were 10 kHz — 1 GHz and After the noise floor measurements, I measured some real world components. If erik convinces hugen to open the NanoVNA v3.Do you build RF circuits?

Have you built any antennas? I have even considered building a VNA but given the time constraint I have often given up on that idea. Having a VNA at home isn't absolutely necessary for me but having it at home isn't a bad idea either. A couple of weeks ago I came across a VNA very cheap! You have to manually turn the frequency knob and observe the display for readings. A VNA, on the other hand, shows a lot more data throughout the set frequency span. There is very little manual intervention once you have calibrated everything.

All you have to do is connect your device or an antenna and observe its characteristics on the screen! The entire thing comes in a tiny box. The Calibration kit looks like an okay for something this low cost.


RG SMA cables should work fine for the frequency range we are talking. Everything comes well packed inside a tiny cardboard box. Furthermore, the nanoVNA comes with two user input options, one is the tiny swiveling knob and the other is the touch screen. The first time I turned this thing on, I did not expect it to have a touch screen. I relied on the knob to navigate through the menus. I found it cumbersome to use and the knob felt delicate.

Correspondingly, I was afraid I might break it and render the device useless. Accidentally, my fingers touched the screen and I discovered the menu popup. A touch screen on such a cheap little device absolutely surprised me! You can check out the GitHub link if you want to dive into the circuit. It samples the reference channel, reverse power channel and the through a channel. Simultaneous sampling of all channels makes signal processing easier.

Readers who have handled a network analyzer know that it needs to be calibrated before making any measurements.

This allows the users to have computer software to view the measurements on a larger screen.Sign in. Sign in with. Still worried about the high price for nanovna new? Now Aliexpress provides large wide range of high-qualtiy but cheap price nanovna new for different users. Kinds of discount price is waiting for your selection! By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies view more on our Privacy Policy. You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page.

Cookie Preferences. Buyer Protection. Save big on our app! Cart 0. Wish List. Sign Out. Sign in Sign in with. All Categories. Related Searches: nanovna analyze signal nanovna vector analyzer minivna tiny aw07a network vector rf analyze circutor nanovna v2 antenna uhf vhf limesdr fluke network gas surface 28 lcd antenna mount vhf hf lna antenna meter advantech fluke network 28 lcd.

Price: - OK. ToBeTop Store. Ausexy Store. Professional Machinery Tool Store. Nicer Life Store. Laeacco Marvellous Backgrounds Store. TopTools Store. Guaid your Life Store. Good ToolMall Store.

Tool Acces Store. Yituo Factory Direct Store. Ecoming Tool Store. Alisa 'electric Store. Direct production of boutiques Store.I have both the -F and the -H4.

which nanovna to buy

Either are great performers for the amateur. Personally, I don't like the small screen versions my eyes are 73 years 'young'! The -H4 covers up to 1. The original covers to MHz which I also have.

All are improvements over the initially offered units. There will be a learning curve if you are not used to professional RF design and measurements using complex impedances and the Smith Chart.

But they are more than worth the energy and time spent learning about the 'nitty-gritty' of RF parameter measurements.

What are the do's and don'ts to look out for. Don't want to start a message chain, just looking for the basics, like firmware version, the black nanovna has some shielding, etc. Thanks in advance for any answers. I agree that that either the -H4 or -F models would be a better choices over the 2. One of the VNA's is for my friend at work, the other for myself. We would both opt for the 1. Probably use some SMA to N pigtails and built it in a cabinet of some sort.

Did not know they came in different screen sizes? Well, I'm twenty years younger, but bigger is also for me better in this case Today they say out of stock. But now they also show the 2. Hit SEND too soon Just ordered 2 sets H4 at Maggie's.QRZ Forums. I chose this one because it has a much larger touch screen at 4. It comes with a calibration kit and two cables. The functions work amazingly well considering the price, though with some quirks that appear to be common to all the nVNAs.

Most importantly, the F model has a different processor than others so the firmware seems to be a fork. A minor difference is that the ports are labeled 1 and 2 instead of 0 and 1. So if you want to be on the firmware cutting edge, get one of the smaller units. By the way, the smaller ones also appear to be splitting into different models.

There are H and Q models now. Like the other units, the available documentation is terse. There might be unsupported functions since the device firmware is different. The touchscreen is a bit tricky to use with a finger, so I use a stylus I made from a ballpoint pen and the plastic head of a sewing pin. I think almost anything that has some capacitance would work. I never use it anyway. Last edited: Dec 8, N0TZUDec 8, The larger screen is very nice and I can actually use this with or without the NanoVNA-Saver software as the text is large enough to read on the bigger screen.

The complete case and overall size and heft of the device is a lot nicer than the smaller unit. I use a plastic alignment tool as a touchscreen stylus and it does the job nicely.

NanoVNA handheld Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

Mine is labeled S11, S21 on both the ports and the menu item for trace selection which is different than the port 0, port 1 labeling used on my smaller unit. IMO, the larger unit is worth the extra cash if you're thinking about buying one of these. Here's some photos of the unit as it compares to the smaller version and of a small component test jig I built for S11 based and S21 based measurements that can also be used for Shunt-S21 component measurements with another clip jig I built.

K7TRFDec 9, N0TZU likes this.Sadly he has a penchant for criticizing others and this detracts from his posts. What he says is thoroughly researched and he writes good posts but often at the expense of others.

Hugen seems open to constructive criticism of his design and makes modifications to his circuit to improve it. I applaud him for the way he strives to continually make a better product and look forward to his next design. Nothing else available in that cost range comes close. This was not a fake related issue, the schematic for nanovna-H PCB v3.

So is there a seller on UK eBay or Amazon that you bought before and he wasn't selling fakes? Very rarely, some are reselling originals from Hugen. In my opinion, is better to get the original, which has the latest hardware upgrades and firmware, and also supporting the developer in this way. His positive feedback is very high and delivery time was shorter than estimated by a week.

UK and US ebay usually have parallel offerings. Besides some of its latest enhancements, the reason I purchased the NanoVNA-H is I wanted to support hugen's efforts by purchasing one of his units.

Its hard to do that with the original open case design because the cloner's have gotten so good. Hugen has packaged the NanoVNA-H in a very distinctive box with molded plastic inserts to hold and protect the unit and its various accessories.

If the unit you purchase is as pictured in the ebay auction that I referenced, then you can be fairly certain it is a hugen product, in this case probably second sourced from him. If you intend using the unit without a PC attached, I would get one with a larger screen, rather than the standard screen.

David Kirkby, Kirkby Microwave Ltd, drkirkby However, all I can find are the 2. This cannot be undone. The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues.

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Search Cancel. Topics Search.Ok, so these are my initial thoughts of the device. I am not sure exactly what the issue is, low voltage, USB drivers kind of flaky or what. But powering it from an external 5v supply the device turns on every time. So i think its windows and computer related, not the device. On to testing.

nanovna metal case

Not a lot of time today to do anything flash, so I ran a bunch of S11 measurements on things i had handy and the plots were as expected. I do not really have anything here to test in the upper frequency ranges, being a HF kind of guy, but on measurements up to say meg, where I have the ability already to compare against another tool, the measurements look legit to me.

First up, calibration is easy and it comes with open, short and 50ohm loads to calibrate to, apparently I have the meg firmware installed, if i can work out how to change that to use the meg firmware I will. I dont need to measure beyond a couple hundred meg at best anyway. First up to be tested was the Tri-Band vertical. And this is what the LCD screen is showing while testing the tri-bander.

Next cab off the rank was my home brew dummyload.

which nanovna to buy

I knew already it was good out to about meg, but did not think it would be fine out to Guess i did ok with a handful of resistors LOL. Now i have no idea how accurate this is, but it looks like what you might expect to see with a dip where it is meant to be. All in all, so far for S11 measurements the nanovna has done exactly what it was designed to do. I was a little surprised that it is as accurate as it is. Add this in with the rest of my cheap test gear and I have a good selection of gear for not a lot of dollars.

When i get some time I will do some 2 port measurements and see how it goes. I expect it will perform quiet well. Thanks for your review!

NanoVNA Is A $50 Vector Network Analyzer

Like you, I welcome the arrival of low-cost test equipment. Although for whatever reason, it does not send the sign of reactance when using the PC commands. The sign of reactance displays on the LCD when using it manually, but data sent to the PC are without the sign.

From what playing with it I have done, I would say its accurate enough and good enough for the kinds of girls I go out with. Mostly all i care about is being ball park and this tool will get you close enough to be useful. I do not have anything here I can compare it to for 70cm and up, but the couple of 70cm antenna i put on it looked like they should and compared well to the SWR meter i have.

All in all, i am pleased with it. What do you use to calibrate this network analyzer? Can you give the brand name type or purchase link? Something like this:. Hi Rob, Thank you for your post. I have wondered if anyone has used this device.

which nanovna to buy

I am a bit fuzzy about it. The software appears to be a Windows XXX. I use Linux and tried to see if Wine would open it. It would not. Thus I most likely would need a windows machine to use it. My question is what is the software used for? Yes the software is windows only.

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