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Tren is a steroid and must be use in cycles different people have different views over the tren only cycles. This might be due to their different body responses after using that particular steroid. Tren is almost five times the strength of testosterone so its side effects are also more pronounce. A tren only cycle user should be in reality an intermediate or someone advanced anabolic steroid user.

Tren only cycles are divided in to different cycles. In the beginning you have to use the tren only cycle in 8 week cycle. It is advisable to use testosterone along with Ttren, in fact one can inject both by single syringe because they have almost the same half life and oily nature and work very well hand in hand with each other.

Some people believe that tren only cycle if prolong for more than 8 weeks will be more effective but it will results in some harsh effects over body.

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Majority of the users find 8 week to be an acceptable range for tren only cycle. The second cycle presents two major changes, the use of testosterone at TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy dosage and longer cycle time for tren only cycle.

This will results in regulation of your body estrogen level otherwise tren side effects may appear. Because of the longer esteric variants use in Tren the dose must be extended to 12 weeks. Testosterone is an additional supplement for normal physiological functioning because body may produce less testosterone and normal functioning may be lost.

Now at this level you body is able to bear higher dose of Tren than the beginer cycle so you have to use the dose slightly higher than at the beginner cycle.

Testosterone is once again injecting at TRT level. Dianabol is the newly introduce compound in the intermediate cycle but it is not always necessary because tren has the strength to work efficiently in the presence of testosterone.

So, Dianabol in this tren only cycle is considerd as the kick to start the cycle which is important in terms of bulking and strength gaining phases. At advance level tren only cycle one can use the dose even higher than intermediate cycle but one thing is important that all the compounds used in this cycle are of Enenthate, this is just for ease of administration, injection time, and all of these compounds can be easily loaded in the same syringe.

Testosterone once again applied at TRT level and the amount of Tren is increased where it must provide you with better and desired shredded.

tren only cycle reddit

Drostanolone is the compliment compound which initiates the tren to work even better. Final conclusion is that your body is at risk by regular using Tren only cycle which include Libido which is the overall sexual desire of a person towards sex. It is now believed that regular use of Tren cause major sexual problems and there is a complete imbalance in sexual activity. Testosterone which is use as a co supplement for Tren is itself associated with libido so it is advisable to not use Tren on regular basis.Forum Rules.

Trenbolone Only Cycle | Trenbolone Enanthate Is Not Recommended for Beginner Tren Cycle

Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 23 of Thread: Tren only cycle??????????? Thread Tools. Tren only cycle??????????? Heres the deal. As I have been doing lot and lots of research. But during my research I have also found people who have had great results from tren only cycles.

They would run tren at lower doses like 50mg eod. People say it will shut you down. What exactly are they reffering to? And how long does it shut you down? I know that it will kill your sex drive. I have read that from people who done a tren only cycle. But they also say that it only killed it during the cycle. No big deal being they only ran an 8 week low dose cycle. But that is during the cycle. Not after. Also I feel like some test boosters can help this. Something like Formax.

No offense but if you don't know what it means when people say it will shut you down, you should research a lil more, also if you are thinking about using a test booster why not just use regular low dose test during cycle?It is available in different forms, such as trenbolone enanthate, trenbolone acetate, and trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

It is sold under brand names Finaplix and Finajet. Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate is sold under brand names Hexabolan and Parabolan.

While Trenbolone acetate has been used as a veterinary medication, Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate used to be administered to humans in clinical treatments. It is not a prescription drug today, though. It is a steroid marketed as a supplement. Classified in progestogen drugs, it is administered through intramuscular injection in the form of esters. This means the people in this area can only get the drug through the black market, which is dangerous.

Known for its high bioavailability, Tren has a half-life of up to seventy-two hours and is metabolized by the liver. The chemical formula is C18H22O2, and its molar mass is The compound has been used as veterinary medicine in the form of trenbolone acetate. It was used to improve muscle mass, mineral absorption and feed efficiency in cattle. The drug has androgenic and anabolic properties.

The esters can increase the uptake of ammonium ions by the muscles after they are metabolized. This enhances protein synthesis, stimulates appetite, and reduces catabolism. Trenbolone is a potent steroid. Studies have proven that is five times as potent as testosterone. The best part? Aromatase cannot convert it into the female sex hormones.

Trenbolone was developed in It used to be spelled as Trienbolone and Trienolone. Those names are no longer in use. Human consumption and possession of this compound, especially by athletes and weightlifters, is illegal in some countries.

Anabolic steroids are often controlled. It is classified as a drug in the United Kingdom and Canada. Personal use and possession is not illegal in these countries. In Australia, customers may buy Trenbolone as a prescription drug or steroid.

The steroid is a performance enhancement drug or supplement. Tren binds on the androgen receptors to deliver the desired results. It boosts bulking cycles and helps with cutting. Fitness enthusiasts use the supplement to develop larger and more pronounced muscles.Generally it is much safer and more effective to stack Tren with Testosterone.

Anabolic steroids are a first choice for athletes seeking results that are quicker and more remarkable than ever before. The use of anabolic steroids does not eliminate the need for hard work; it simply produces better results than that same hard work would produce alone. Trenbolone is a widely known and highly respected animal grade anabolic steroid sold only the black market.

The use of Trenbolone can produce serious, brutal side effects in certain users so research and responsibility are not optional with Tren. Buy Trenorol online here. Trenbolone Enanthate, or Tren E, is nearly identical to Parabolan in its effects. Athletes can expect increased mineral absorption, enhanced nitrogen uptake, and improved protein synthesis.

During the cutting phase, Trenbolone increases muscle mass and strength exponentially while it can assist in maintaining weight and minimizing body fat during the off-season. Trenbolone comes in two varieties, different only in the attached ester: Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate. These anabolic steroids are available only in injection formwhich can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

While Trenbolone alone can produce satisfying results occasionally, most athletes find that taking a Trenbolone only cycle — regardless of whether it is Tren Acetate or Tren Enanthate — limits their potential.

Because the Trenbolone Enanthate only cycle has this effect, the most common stack with Trenbolone is testosterone. Testosterone can not only lift the limit on results but also limit the potential for some very unsettling side effects including erectile dysfunction and significant decrease in libido.

Athletes and bodybuilders who choose not to stack will find that Trenbolone only cycle results are a significant change from their original form; they will undoubtedly see an increase in muscle fiber, mass, and strength. Athletes considering a test only cycle may find that stacking Trenbolone will get them closer to or even far beyond their desired results.

Those considering a Parabolan cycle should compare and contrast Parabolan with other forms of Trenbolone before making a decision.

The benefit of Parabolan is that it is still manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry and therefore subject to a stronger system of checks and balances. As with any steroids cycle, athletes who choose to use Trenbolone s hould carefully research the potential side effects and recommended dosage before beginning their cycle.

Trenbolone is a particularly harsh steroid when it comes to side effects because, as we will get to later, with great power comes great consequence. With responsible use, however, Trenbolone can be used without significant discomfort by most athletes. Trenbolone Enanthate is virtually never recommended for a beginner cycle. Tren E takes longer to leave the system than Tren A. As a matter of fact, it takes weeks longer for Tren E to leave than system than for Tren A.Very soon I will be dieting down for a wedding this summer…I have my fair share of cycles under my belt and i LOVE tren.

One of my good buddies swears that tren only cycles are great for cutting. I guess my questions is…has anyone ever experimented with a tren only cycle? I know the benefits of using it for cutting down…but ONLY tren? I also have some let over gh on hand if i need it. Tren only will work if you are not interested in putting on any significant mass…Mixes well with dbol, winny, and anadrol for mass gains if you wanted to add any orals… If you do run tren make sure to drink plenty of H2O.

Ur at least using a test with it right? Im currently doing. Available tests OmnadrenSus ive been doing tests for several weeks ahead of time alone before i recently added my Tren Enan. Tren only works, and works well. Tren only will likely kill your sex drive. I ran Tren only for about 4 weeks before just as an experiment.

It was effective on its own but it did shut me down pretty hard and without the test I just felt shitty in general. I would recommend running at least a low dose of test as suggested above. A hell of a lot more cost effective… What dosage are you gonna do? I think straight tren requires frequent injections and that can be a pain in the ass, literally! Bodybuilding Forums

I can say from personal experience that tren without test is something of a hardship, but if you insist on going that route you should make sure to take proviron with it to at least maintain your plumbing. Ive been contimplating goin through a cycle but i definetly need help on picking something i already have mass.

Because of the short duration, is PCT necessary? Your choice of questioning is bad. You have put absolutely no research or thought into this and expect everyone to do the work for you.Hello i will run for 6 week Tren A ED and instead use low dose test i am thinking the advice that gave me a friend that he makes. Will this works for keep the things normal? And if works,If i do ui hcg ED,when i finish my last pin of tren a,Is needed run these 3 days of wait that tren clear to the system before start pct run more hcg these days?

A study has shown that iu HCG is near replacement for intratesticular testosterone levels. So, in theory, based on your testicular response to HCG, it should be enough for normal T and E2 levels. Do bloodwork I guess. If are alien, maybe, but, tren is mega supressive… hcg would work with other things like a little boldenone, axandrolone, primo… but Tren??? Anyways i bought a vial of test prop,if not use hcg i will do prop ed with the test. You can use HCG for almost properly test stim when you are on little test or other mild drugs and low doses.

tren only cycle reddit

Okai,then for less bloated as posible and correct function of all body. Would do you use tet prop without the hcg? And what dosage of prop would do you use? Did some experiences by upping tren a little bit and some times test. And the hcg,is only for prevent the shrink balls.? Yes, tren is very suppressive to hpta but hcg bypasses the hpta loop and stimulates testicles directly, regardless of you use tren, test, eq… etc….

If OP has functioning testes, hcg will stimulate them to produce physiological levels of test regardless of tren.

tren only cycle reddit

I know because I use it. With tren, you can only stimulate with almost no prodution, or near zero prodution… with testosterone in low doses is different, you can keep a good prodution not normal production, but good… of testosterone.

HCG will stimulate the testes to produce Testosterone. Tren or not, that is how science works. Tren does have greater binding affinity assumed to be 5xthat does not however stop the testes from producing test when stimulated by LH or an LH analogue.

Is it really worth the risk? Just because something supposedly works in theory is no guarantee that it will work for the majority of people let alone one individual. There is a great deal of variation to how people react to the same drug, even supposedly safe ones like testosterone. Hey it could work though, maybe if you are very lucky, it is theoretically possible. Interested in a game of Russian Roulette?

My buddy says the odds are really good. Not using it on cycle causes testicular damage.Discussion in ' Steroid Forum ' started by InkmylifeDec 27, Dec 27, 1. Looking to get some quality gains out of this next cycle, I have been seeing a lot of talk about tren with a 4 week Dbol cycle. My main questions are how are the side effects? I know that Tren makes it pretty much impossible to retain water but dbol is the exact opposite.

Would this stack be ok taken all at the same time or should the dbol be taken first then the Tren after?

tren only cycle reddit

I have experience with Tren E and Test E looking to keep it the same, prefer pinning less and it's done me well so far but just looking for a little extra mass without a ton of sides or problems. Any info helps.

Dec 27, 2. Im about to do the same cycle, ive used test and tren a few times over the years but never with dbol, so good luck with you cycle. Inkmylife likes this. Dec 27, 3. Dec 27, 4. Yeah I understand what your saying, im sure there will be some of the well known members that have done this cycle that will give you some good feed back.

Dec 27, 5. Ran it my last cycle but I didn't start the tren ace until about two weeks in. Dbol at 50 mg for 5 weeks. I didn't care for it. Pumps were actuall too much and I couldn't complete my workouts. Lost a lot of vascualrity and just didn't look good.

Put on over 30 lbs. I was coming off of a hard cut so probably 10 of that was just normal glycogen replenishment. Dropped 12 lbs and dried out nicely. Not sure how much of it was tren and how much was just dropping the Dbol. No real sides at other other than major sweating. Pure speculation but I'm pretty my tren was underdosed. Dec 27, 6. Dec 27, 7. Im in week I would start the tren e week one next time By week 5 the tren sides that i experience are kicking in hard like insomnia and the ndigestion fro wk 2.

Horny as hell and really running hot body temp

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